This project discussed the phenomenon of misogyny in  science fiction area. Traditionally, as a male-oriented area, science fiction is mainly created and enjoyed by male and reveal specific masculine sexual prejudices.  In recent years, the topic of feminism appeared as a hot topic in science fiction movies. However, were the images  established in these movies showed a real equal and respect attitude towards females?  What was the circumstance of females in the science fiction movies?

I extracted several typical scenes from science fiction movies. These scenes basically presented  short interacted activities between male characters and female characters.  I removed  all the disturbing elements of  movies such as the visual quality, fashion and environment. These scenes has been simplified to the clearest gender and activity.  

These sexism plots towards females could be basically divided into three categories:
  • The stereotype towards females.
  • The decline of females’ status.
  • The tendency of physically abusing females.